Some of the projects we have worked on


1. GANDHINAGAR VIDHAN SABHA, GUJARAT: The renovated Vidhan Sabha building at Gandhinagar, Gujarat, boasts of approximately 250 artworks created by Art Inc.'s efficient team. The artworks included installations,, photographs, textile art and contemporary and traditional artworks.


2. GMR - Delhi International Airport Ltd. has some valuable art works by Masters. Art Inc. has taken the responsibility of restoring the art works which have lost its glory to its original state, to the best of our capacities.

Our restoration team comprises KK Gupta, a leading art restorer. Having retired from the National Museum, he is presently a consultant with Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts.


3. GMR T3 IGIA: Art Inc. has made artworks for the Terminal area, the ceremonial lounge and for the CEO's office in Udaan Bhawan.


4. PRATIBHA ART MUSEUM: Art inc. under Renu Rana, designed an innovative museum for then President, Hon’ble Smt. Pratibha Patil, at Vidya Bharti Mahavidyalaya, Amravati. Mr. Devisingh Shekhavat was very impressed with the thus submitted layout and heaped praise on the team effort.


5. HITACHI HD Art Series : 'Hitachi HD Art Series' brought forth the fusion of technology and art with the use of HD televisions as a medium to display original works of art - vivid paintings in the stark relief of high definition purity. This show was curetted by Renu Rana

Renu Rana, on behalf of Hitachi, entered into an exclusive alliance with renowned painter Niren Sengupta for his 'Chromatic Splendors' series and acclaimed painter Manav Gupta for his 'Metaphor of Dreams' series. It was the first digitized art show in India. If the venue chosen for the exhibition was unusual, the medium was more so.

The HD renditions of paintings were stored on premium DVD discs, allowing their display in looping continuity through a DVD player . Niren Sengupta's 'Chromatic Splendor' alternate with a Manav Gupta image. Or Manav Gupta's 'Metaphor of Dreams' series run in a slow sequence, delighting the eye with their nuanced colors. The largest ever manufactured LCD’s and plasma screens were lifted atop the roof of a prestigious New Delhi mall, to display the artworks.


6. NATIONAL MUSEUM: Art Inc. has significantly contributed to the National Museum's recently opened gallery for the visually impaired. We prepared a 32" replica of the Awadhi coin which the visually impaired can touch and feel NATIONAL MUSEUM: The products for the souvenir shop are being made by the Merchandise branch of Art Inc.

7. THE MUTE SHALL TALK: Renu Rana understands that art form changes according to time and place, and according to the period of history and region. Through this show, she brought the creative strength of artists from different states of India, different perceptions, with different techniques, united by this exhibition. Here the artist attempted to present a coherent world of vital, cohesive images that are definitely not random. Working on a rare canvas of human look-alike mannequins, they poured their knowledge and creativity into it, in a style unique only to them.


8. ZEST & ZEN : ZEST & ZEN held at THE TAJ, Hyderabad was a judicious mix of brilliant, joyous painting displayed alternately with calm, zenlike artworks. It was a visual treat for the viewers who got to experience the zest and zen.


In this exhibition held at The SHERETON, Chennai, the artists had especially created artworks taking inspiration from the masters and at the same time depicting their own aspirations. Because of its extraordinary content, the exhibition was a roaring success.


9. ART FOR ANIMALS: Renu Rana curated the show juxtaposing two varied forms of art, two different genres and two artists from different eras. Nafisa Ali Sodhi wanted to pay tribute to her father’s photography and promote a young talent at the same time. Renu Rana combined the two conflicting elements in a harmonious show at Francaise Alliance, Lodhi Road. Delhi.


10. GOAN ART SHOW: Goan art scene was trifle unorganized which has, since, been set aright under the aegis of the Goan College of Arts and the Goan Art Forum. Renu Rana curated a Goan art show titled the Young Goan Masters which comprised of 12 artists from the region. The immense talent of these relatively unknown artists was exposed to the art lovers in a novel way. The show was held at Lalit Kala Akademi. It was a grand success in terms of visitors and sales.


11. SAROJ JAIN’S SHOW: Saroj Jain is a well known senior sculptor. Her works are appreciated in India and abroad. Held at Sridharani Gallery at Triveni Kala Sangam, it was an exhibition that caught extensive attention of the connosieurs. Renu Rana curated the sculpture exhibition which went on to be successful and garnered a lot of buyers.

Natasha, an artist from Moscow, came to Delhi with lots of paintings and an equal amount of hope. Renu Rana put together the best possible show for her. It was a widely appreciated exhibition that made the lady go back with a promise to come back with more art works in near future.


12. BEAUTY & THE BEAST: The show held at ITC KAKATIYA, Hyderabad was a uniquely curated show with paintings depicting various animals and the sculptures of sensual women. Thus combining the two aspects of the BEAUTY & THE BEAST.


13. DOCUMENTARY: Perturbed by the dying arts, especially the traditional street art, Renu Rana decided to make a short documentary which has almost disappeared from the streets due to lack of pavements, better work opportunities and various other factors.


14. SPIRITUAL ELEVATION: Surekha Sadana’s exhibition of yantra art was curated by Renu Rana, at Lalit Kala Akademi in 2013. Various yantras in their corresponding colours, was inaugurated by Mr. Suresh Goel, DG, ICCR, and attended by Mr. Keshav Malik, Mr. Paramjeet Singh AIFACS, and various other dignatories.


15. CSR:  Runs a shelter near Old Delhi Railway station for street children, teaching them craft and providing them an outlet to sell their product.





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